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Newbottle or Niwebotle features in the Domesday Book of 1066. At that time it was listed as having 32 households and was valued at £4. Assets included 8 slaves and 7 female slaves!

Until about 1500 the village of Newbottle had a population of some 200 inhabitants. At that time the owner of the Manor enclosed the surrounding common land making life very difficult for the villagers who had nowhere to graze their animals. The population was moved a mile down the road to a rather uninspiring named field called the Great Barren Pasture and the village of Charlton was established. The result of this major change is that Newbottle now has a population of 10 and Charlton about 500. It is still possible to see the outline of the original houses in a field behind the Manor. Charlton is now a thriving village but to this day has no church as their church is at Newbottle, although all the services such as a school, shop, village hall and pub are found in the village.

The current manor house was built in about 1490, although there was at least one earlier buildings on that site. Added to over the following 300 years, large parts of the Manor were destroyed by fire in 1795. What remained was converted into the present house in the middle of the 19th century. It has been a hunting lodge or secondary house for much larger Estates since that time and was eventually left empty. It was bought by Newbottle estate as part of a land purchase in the 1960s. For a while the abandoned house was used for shooting lunches before John and Lady Juliet Townsend made it into their family home in the mid 1970s and they have lived there ever since.

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