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Fishing Permits

Fishing at the Cottage lakes


The Estate has historically let village children fish for free on the lakes at the bottom of the Cottage gardens. The idea behind this contribution to village life is to give bored children something positive to do in the summer holidays and hopefully inspire them to develop a new interest.


If you would like to apply to go fishing on the lakes you will need to apply for a 2016 fishing permit.  Please click here for an adult permit.   Please click here for a junior permit (school age children). Please note that fishing will only operate from June 1st – September 14th.

Issuing of permits

  • All permits will be issued from the Estate office
  • Permits are issued annually (last week in May) and must be reapplied for every year
  • Priority is given to children of school going age. Permits will be given to juniors first and if there is space to adults and adults must give up their pitch to a child with a valid permit
  • Only people who currently live in the Charlton, Newbottle & Forceleap can apply for a permit
  • The Estate retains the right to cancel or refuse any permit at any time
  • Each permit is for one rod only, no sharing permits
  • Each permit holder may bring one non fishing friend/relative to accompany them. They may not fish but do not need a permit. Anyone else must have their own permit 
  • You must always have your permit ready for inspection whilst fishing


  • No seeds, nuts or boilies
  • No more than 4 people fishing at any one point

General rules

  • Pick up all your rubbish
  • Walk to the lakes – No parking is provided
  • Access is by foot from Home farm via Home farm paddock only NOT via the lower Lodge car park
  • Keep the gates closed
  • We expect permit holders to be polite and respectful to neighbours and Estate staff